FloodIntel: turning flood data into flood intelligence

FloodIntel is a highly intuitive online flood intelligence system. It has been developed for, and in close consultation with, emergency responders, floodplain managers, engineers, and land use planners. The result is a fast, accurate and practical tool to support better, more timely decisions. FloodIntel’s customisable and interactive web interface revolutionises the way users receive, analyse and interpret flood information for past, current, near future and what-if scenarios.

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  • Intuitive: no training
  • Web-based: zero installation
  • Unlimited accounts: no per-user licences
  • Real-time: integrating multiple data feeds and formats
  • Customisable: to each floodplain,
    and each user

FloodIntel integrates historical, design, real-time and forecast data to provide more information and warning time to emergency responders. It moves beyond displaying data to flood intelligence, cleverly intersecting data sets to present information the user needs, when they need it.

FloodIntel comprises three main modes, with the ability to add and customise dashboards and a range of features within each.



Floodplain Manager

Compilation and interpretation of existing flood data.


View and analyse data such as historical flood events, design flood mapping, and flood risk areas. Intersect with relevant data sets, including roads, properties, critical infrastructure and vulnerable locations. Generate property flood reports on demand.


  • Historical and design flood mapping
  • Automated property reports
  • Road closures
  • Inundated properties and infrastructure
  • Flood damage estimates



Translation of real-time flood information into consequences and actions.


Integrate real-time telemetry, warnings, radar rainfall, road closures, CCTV and traffic feeds. Predefine workflows and alerts, generate fully or semi-automated messages and reports. Analyse ‘what if’ scenarios, forecast rainfall and real-time modelling. Translate flood behaviour into consequences for people and property.


  • Trigger-based alerts and reports
  • Gauge and radar rainfall
  • Current and predicted water levels
  • CCTV and traffic feeds
  • Integrated mapping and graphing


Event Analysis

For capacity building and planning.


Pre-event planning, development and testing of workflows, triggers and alerts. Event archive and post-event analysis, review of operational mode, key event statistics. Flood event training scenarios, simulation of historical or hypothetical event and operations.


  • ‘What if’ scenarios
  • Post event analysis
  • Hypothetical training scenarios

Other valuable features developed within FloodIntel, include:

  • Cloud-based desktop and mobile access
  • Embeddable public webpages
  • Local offline access
  • Customisable and secure user profiles
  • Scalable and resilient core infrastructure
  • Self-diagnostic and quality checks

Benefits of FloodIntel

“FloodIntel moves beyond displaying data to flood intelligence, cleverly intersecting data sets to present information the user needs, when they need it.”

Streamline workflows and decision making

Customise displays, features and workflows based on user needs. Integrate intelligence, communications and responses to all sources of flooding. Make fast, transparent decisions.

Access latest and consistent data

All agencies, stakeholders and the public accessing tailored, up-to-date flood risk information based on the same underlying data sets. No hardware locks or user limits.

Easy and intuitive to use

Untrained users can login on any standard desktop computer or mobile device and access the information they need, when they need it. No software installation or training required.

Fast and resilient

Workflows ensure the provision of timely and responsive intelligence, based on live and forecast data, with optional local offline access for added resilience.

Flexible and future-proof

Designed to be extendable to other locations, hazards, and in response to increasingly complex data sets, modelling and technology.

Broad compatibility including:

  • Enviromon observations
  • BoM radar rainfall
  • BoM forecasts
  • BoM warnings and alerts
  • Whispir alerts
  • Delft FEWS
  • Hydrologic models
  • Hydraulic models (TUFLOW, MIKE, SOBEK, HEC)
  • GIS databases (ESRI, QGIS, MapInfo)
  • Map services (WMS, WFS, etc.)
  • Industry standard data formats

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